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KPMG is committed to working with and supporting family owned businesses; they are an important part of the global economy and our business that so we are dedicated to understanding them in greater depth. We recognise that the “Issues of Ownership”, sometimes known as the family component, bring unique issues and challenges, which if overlooked have far reaching implications. The impact of the family component on management and governance of your business is often underestimated and the ability to remain competitive and continue to build a legacy for future generations can be compromised. Our recent research has led us to believe that there are seven key areas where the family business component will impact on your decision making. These are: Family and Business Governance; Succession and Next Generation Management; Wealth Preservation and Enhancement; Philanthropy; Exit Strategies; Growth and Assurance.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing our insights with you around the topics KPMG member firms see many family businesses tackle through a series of fictional case studies based on the Sages Family business. The case studies are based around the entrepreneurial development and success of a little grocery store that began in the 1950s and became a significant retail group. This family’s story is like an unfolding soap opera. Written by Christine Blondel (INSEAD - Senior Advisor to KPMG on Family Business Intelligence), the case studies enable us to relate to the various challenges the “Issues of Ownership” bring, and of course explore the seven key areas highlighted earlier.

We hope that you enjoy reading about the family and joining them on their journey.

Case Studies

Sages Family Business Story
Estate planning for the family business
Financing the growth of the business
Planning ownership for future generations

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